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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Poetry: Fainting Spell

I drifted off to sleep
After years of standing still
The sun arched over me
Like a soldier marching

Head slouched forward,
The arms gave way
Chin kissed the counter,
The music gently played

A spell, a trance
Fell over me
Spiriting me away
To a land of no worry

I feel out of bounds
Dancing in the night
Floating and swimming
In comforting darkness

Eyelids lift slowly and blink
Unable to focus on
The world around me.
To which world did I return?

No fear, a string around
The ankle keeps me
In the right space,
like balloons in a child’s hand

Fluid dreams, fainting spells
I'm paddling through reality
and a wonderland
Of forgiveness…


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