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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Wow- the last day of Writers Digest Poem A Day challenge.  It was a challenge for me to pump out 30 poems in a month.  As an article and short story writer I was distracted by the length and quality of the poems I created.  The inner critic never sleeps...  Then I remembered that some poems are more about the emotion being expressed and the release that comes in writing it.  Take that you critic!  Art and exercise- or art IS exercise??  OooOoOOoooooo very deep!

Honestly, the best part about writing poems, I think, is having a place to share it.  Blogger is nice, but I have found sharing them in front of other poets at Open Mics to be very rewarding.  Fortunately for me I live in town that has at least three writers open mic groups.  Look for one in your town.  If there isn't one- start one!  Every night will be a treasure, trust me!
This poem "Soil" I shared at the Poetry Night open mic

Rock whispered to the Willow
All day soft words
lift in the breeze
moving the branches
that hang like hair

Moss covered mouth
lichen wraps the torso
grass grown 'bout the feet

Underneath worms dance
with potato bugs in black soil
-their ceiling
-the Rock's bottom

Sitting on a throne of
dark whispers
relating to the Earth
touching it constantly

If soil is wisdom,
Tree or Rock?
Which one knows more?
Which one is wiser?

The one that constantly seeks
wisdom & nourishment with its roots?
Or the one who with patience
will one day become the soil?

There is no this or that
Both will become soil again
There is only a rock that blows wisdom,
And a tree that moves in the wind...

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