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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Poetry: Him


When she thinks of him she smiles

When he stands in front of her 
She sees him as an old man
Still standing there
That look in his eyes
In front of her, smiling

“Could he stay there, with me, that long?
Could I know him ‘till he goes gray?”

Sometimes I wish I could tell him “I love you”
But it’s still too early, only SUMMER
Instead I say “I was thinking of you”
Everyone wants to be thought of

I want to sleep with you!
The bed warm
I want to wake with you!
The next morning
Like the couple I think we could be
Is it too early to feel this?
Yes, it’s only FALL

Time continues hearts come closer
As the snow hugs the earth
Conversation over a meal
Sitting quietly watching a movie
Lying next to you listening to you breathe
It’s only WINTER and this life imagined…

In a year I’ll try to say “I love you”
Like a woman tries on a blouse
Like a young bird trying its wings
Like a child stacking blocks
Building a house, needing a home

…and I’ll tell you in the SPRING


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