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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Poetry: Universal Love

The 2012 "Phrasings in Word + Dance" is on!  Bellingham Repertory Dance presented its sixth annual collaboration with Chuckanut Sandstone Writers Theater this weekend.  What a great three days of art and insight. Carla and the BRD company have outdone themselves, again.  

This year I was selected, along with 5 other poets, to write a poem inspired by the dance film "Welcoming Clyde", produced by Pam Kuntz, featuring BRD dancer Kate Stevenson.  It follows Kate dancing through her first pregnancy with grace and beauty, narrated by her husband.  The grand finale: Kate dances with her baby boy Clyde in her arms!  It's a moving piece with beautiful photography.  The poems were matted & displayed on the fireplace mantle at the Firehouse.
Here is my submission:

Universal Love

Fathering life

Magnets towards center
Cosmic stirring pot
Circular orbits until
Gravity compels form

Mothering ingredients
Building hope
Holding, protecting
while this new galaxy
swirls into creation

Son our sun
Your parts divide, growing
Reverse mitosis~
you bring us closer

Family of stars
Directionally dependant
Tossed around like
A dryer set on delicate

Nine months you grow
Three worlds combining
Brought together by love’s gravity
Tonight, a new light shines in the sky!

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