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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Poetry: Coffee for One

Laboriously she enters
the coffee shop
hair up, make up on,
clothes clean, ready for war
Always orders coffee for one

Holding herself up
on a push chair
forearms flex with each step
as they carry the familiar load.

She hugs her history,
heavy with disappointment,
on each hip

Sits alone at a table for six
coffee served
shoulders back, chin up
awaits a conversation
that never arrives

Surrounded by activity
of writers, students,
business people, musicians
at tables hugging the walls
talking, sharing, sipping.

Others only donate
a quick glance to her cause

Like an infant bird
still in the nest
she waits for
a greeting to be
thrown into her mouth

Sorrow hangs over
her head like a sign
alerting others to keep distance,
like the bright colors nature paints
that which is poisonous

She looks disgusted to be sitting alone
What did she expect?

Woman with a Hat (Madame Matisse)
Private Collection
Henri Matisse, 1905

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