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Monday, July 23, 2012

Rhodes Nails It

Alan Rhodes is a writer for the Cascadia Weekly.  His article, "Channeling the American Literary Canon: Six Dead White Guys and Emily Dickinson Talk About Coal Trains" in this weeks issue, 7/18/12 #29, split my sides with laughter!

When he came to Ernest Hemingway it seems he was truly channeling old Hemmy.
Here's a peek:

In spring the coal trains came and
they were not good so Pablo and I
blew up the tracks.
then I went home and she was there
and we made love.

"Was it good for you?" she asked
"Yes," I said, "It was good and right
to blow up the tracks."
"I meant the sex," she said.
I did not tell her that blowing up the
tracks was better.

Loved it Alan!  Please check out Cascadia Weekly for more great articles!


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed the column. Due to space considerations my Faulkner passage was omitted. I've included it below.


    "The redolence of the early summer vegetation until now fecund and inviolable in its voluptuous requiescence rebelled in a static and impotent rage against the effluvium and exudation, the primitive and barbaric insult of the grim and demonic coal train that trespassed this sylvan glade where heretofore each summer had held promise only of renewal, a timeless promise etched deep in the human soul..."

  2. Love it Alan! Keep up the great work!