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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Almost 8

Morning offering of beer bottles gather on the last 
step laid over, laid up, slept past last call
My coffee in too small a cup sits 
with me at a table that limps

Construction worker walks from sandwich shop to truck, 
early enough for the dirty professions, still too 
early for the clean, those bleached-sterile 
by fluorescent preserved in recycled air

Trash in the bushes, empty cup rolls 
along in this morning wind
will it be enough to push over clouds
 that fill this window

There's my man!  A Hamster: suit and soft shoe, on his bike, 
backpack full of papers, phone, protein bar, water.  
He navigates through intersection of Railroad / 
Chestnut, the traffic light a suggestion

*A "Hamster" is a person who lives in Bellingham, Washington.

1 comment:

  1. I love the imagery, Shannon, the special early morning brought to life. Once, I rode the bus about then and it was like watching a black and white movie in which I was the camera. Inserting your man is a nice touch.