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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Poem: Graduation


The average person gets 432 haircuts in their lifetime
For you I wonder- too many, or not enough
Regardless, you will not like most of them

Every seven years your skin is completely renewed
From scalp to toes, a new birthday suit is knitted

You will use at least 150 toothbrushes
from baby teeth to wisdoms,
and swallow just as many spiders
or so the legend goes...

How many haircuts until you find yourself
How much skin must be shed before
it's thick enough to stand up in battle
How many spiders swallowed
before humility stains the lips

Your eyes will know the answers.
That day your heart will ring
As bells echo in your mind’s
cavernous landscape

We graduate many times, not just today.
Celebrate each one 


  1. Why does this one sound familiar? Great message for this time of year. I need a haircut!

  2. Thanks for visiting stilllife! You're one of the few visitors that comments.
    This is the final edit of an older poem. I dedicated it to my mother in my new poetry book releasing this week, "Odd Little Things". Her life improved greatly after returning to school for a psychology degree in her 40's. We should all take a chance at doing what we love.